Cinescapes: Time, Space and Identity (EAF2508)

30 credits

Cinescapes is comprised of three main subject areas – temporality, space, and identity. The module draws upon key themes and theories based in the current and historical fields of film philosophy. Film philosophy engages with aesthetics, film form, history, geo-politics, and philosophical debates around film as an art form. The module focuses on a body of key films and texts in order to enable rich and reflective research. It will cover a range of exciting themes such as memory and trauma; marginality; road movies; cosmographies and sacred space; queer spaces and temporalities; slow cinema; and a number of case studies – such as a week on the city of Los Angeles. The films themselves are a balance of mainstream and so-called art films from across the globe. There will also be the chance to engage with animated and short films. The module asks the student to reflect upon thematic and aesthetic choices made by a variety of filmmakers in order to discuss and dissect the representation of diverse worlds on screen.