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New research article reveals the scale of manual graft needed to keep ‘the cloud’ aloft

Dr Alexander R.E. Taylor visited internet data centres to learn of the human effort it takes to keep the cloud aloft.

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum celebrates quarter of a century milestone

The The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum has celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special event on campus.  

National prize for ground-breaking book on The First World War and Cinema

National prize awarded to film expert for ground-breaking book on wartime cinema

Soldiers expressed their personality and emotions in bureaucratic battlefield World War One diaries, analysis shows

Soldiers were able to express their personality and emotions in bureaucratic World War One battlefield diaries, analysis shows.

Thousands of wounded World War One soldiers sent to see films as rehabilitation after returning from conflict, study shows

Cinemagoing was used as rehabilitation for thousands of soldiers returning from World War One, a new book shows.

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