Interpreting British Party Politics, 1906-1979 (HISM165)

30 credits

This module aims to analyse the main developments in British party politics between the election of the last Liberal government in 1906 and the Thatcher era. The period saw considerable political flux, and was characterised by considerable change in some ways – such as the decline of the Liberals and the rise of Labour, the coming of democracy, and dramatic changes in the nature of elections and electioneering – but, at the same time, significant continuity – such as the maintenance of liberal democracy and the survival of the Conservative party. The module will investigate the different ways in which these developments have been and can be interpreted, as well as demonstrating and analysing the various types of primary source that historians use in working on these problems. By the end of the module, you should have a close understanding of twentieth-century British politics, and should be in a position to go forward to independent research in the area.